Pets are Talking

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a pet whisperer?

Pet whisperer, pet psychic, intuitive animal communicator, these all mean someone who talks with or ‘reads’ animals. I’m a Pet Whisperer/Listener.

Pet psychic sounds supernatural. Intuitive Animal Communicator is a mouthful that doesn’t say much.

Pet Whisperer/Listener connotes a real conversation, which is what I do.

As a pet whisperer, I talk with pets of all kinds. I work with people and their pets to solve behavioral issues and improve their relationships.

When I talk with an animal, it’s an experience that uses all of my senses.

I hear words.

I see pictures and movies.

I feel the emotions of animals.

I feel how they feel in their body.

Animals are intelligent and articulate, and have a lot to teach us.

It’s literally like talking. When you talk with someone you’re picking up more than their words. I’m doing the same thing!