Olive - the best dog ever

Olive- the best dog ever

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I wish that our pets lived as long as we do. They go too soon.

The tiny silver lining in a very big dark cloud is that the other side is not far away. Our pets visit us in spirit after they pass, to give comfort and to enjoy our presence. The other side is beautiful and peaceful.

I can talk with pets who have passed, as long as it’s within a few years of their passing. This process can bring comfort and hope.

If you are currently grieving a pet, I want you to know is that whatever you feel about your passed-away pet, that feeling is okay. You can feel relief or confusion or sadness or anger. Feel your feelings and don’t judge them.

Some pets are our dearest friends. When they pass, it’s like they take our hearts with them. I’ve been there when my beloved dog Olive died in 2016. I have never felt grief like that.

You’re not a bad person if you hurt too much to hear them right now.

I promise you a day will come when you feel better. I still cry over my girl sometimes, but mostly, I feel grateful to have known her, and hopeful to see her again.