Pets are Talking

Pets Are Talking

Why work with a Pet Whisperer?


Sometimes you feel that you’ve lost connection with your pet. Sometimes pets don’t like the new baby or the new partner. Or, sometimes a pet has a play style that gets on another pet’s last nerve.

There are ways to mend relationships, increase tolerance and forge friendships.

It starts with hearing the perspective of each pet and person, and understanding what they need.. Then we set expectations and make compromises that people and pets can live with. If you understand what your pets want and need, you can make relationships work.

Tucker - the benevolent ruler

Tucker- the benevolent ruler


Every time a pet does something we don’t like, they have a good reason (to them) for doing it. They don’t understand that humans have different logic and opinions. When this disconnect is repaired, and pets and people understand each other, bad behavior stops.

If you understand why your pets are doing what they’re doing, you have the answer to fix the problem.

When I teach you how to teach your pet, you can show your pet how to handle the situations that they may find problematic. When your pet tells us what they need to stay happy, they stop doing the things that they find interesting and you find frustrating.

I have found that (nearly) all pets want their humans to be happy, and want to know what to do to make that happen.

Stormy - everyone’s friend

Stormy- everyone’s friend


Our lives are intertwined with our pets' lives. We want to make sure we understand what they are saying.

When a pet is sick or dying. input from your pet helps you know what to do. Navigating the experience of end-of-life can be difficult. Our work together makes this time easier and better.

When you are going through a hard time, your pet knows that you are stressed, but they might not know why you’re stressed or how they can make it better.

I help people understand how their stress is impacting their pets, and what a person can do to lessen that impact. I help pets know that it isn’t their fault, and that it’s going to be okay.

Life happens. I am here to help you get through it.

Cammyman  the Brave

Cammyman the Brave


Just like humans, when a pet lives in an abusive home, they learn that their world requires certain behaviors to be safe.

In their new home, with you, your pet is adjusting to a culture that is very different from where they came from. Some pets have never had an owner that cared about them, or that truly sought to understand them.

If you’re having a hard time cracking the nut of your pet’s past and how it shapes them today, I’m here to help. If you want to know what your pet went through, sometimes we can find that out. Sometimes pets don’t want to talk about it. I respect that boundary.

If you want your pet to know that they are in their forever home, that they don’t need to worry about being hit, or getting enough to eat, I can tell them those things.

Lotus-  who made peace with her past

Lotus- who made peace with her past


My clients have told me that they’ve used other accurate pet whisperers, but I’m the one that wasn’t just there to share what their pet said. I invest in the outcome, because if the situation doesn’t get better, really, what’s the point?

I’m also a real pet parent who deals with the same situations that you do. My dog, Marvin has zero impulse control. His ideas have put him in the hospital four times. He’s only five years old!

So when you tell me that your pet does x, y, or z, I don’t judge. We’re all doing the best we can for our pets. Sometimes we need help. That’s why I am here.

Bridget and Marvin

Bridget and Marvin


During our session, Bridget tuned in to Grace's energy very easily. It was such a joy to have her translate for us. She passed along messages from Grace I hold in my heart still years later.

She told me things I "knew" but hadn't trusted. And I understood that I could trust that knowingness. It deepened my relationship with Grace, but also my connection with myself. It was so affirming.

/ Carrie Klassen /.

Grace-  earnest communicator

Grace- earnest communicator