I’ve been called a pet psychic, an intuitive animal communicator, a whisperer and a listener. I prefer the latter, a pet whisperer/listener who has real conversations with you and your pets to promote better communication and a happier home.  

Think of me as a conduit between you and your animal companions, a person who can connect, understand, and navigate through differences and disagreements in order to get to the root of daily challenges, so that both you and your animal companions live in better harmony. 

I also pay attention to how a pet experiences our human world,  and can provide training and relationship advice to make living together easier.  

Finally, I can help when difficult and painful medical challenges (including a pet who is passing away) arise.

How I do it

 I talk with animals and their people and share information back and forth to mend the disconnect and bring about harmony– just like in human-to-human relationships.

 My services are individualized to yours’ and your animal(s)’ needs, and are offered virtually or in-person, depending on your location:

 Animal Behavioral Consultation by Skype or phone (worldwide, $150/hour).

Animal Behavioral Consultation in Person (for clients in Portland, OR (June-January) or Tucson, AZ (February-May) only, $250/hour).

 After working with literally thousands of animals I’ve learned that when you know what your pet thinks and feels, then you know how to have a relationship that is rewarding and fun.