Happy Clients


Our relationship with Bridget started shortly after Olivia came to our home from rescue. She was digging in the guest room bed and Bridget helped us figure out that she was mousing. 

Since then, Bridget has worked with us to help ease a cross-country move that included merging Olivia, Tucker, and Belle! with my Mom's cat family. She has helped Belle! explain to us why she gets so stressed out sometimes, and has worked with Tucker as he has tried to cover up smells in the new house.

Bridget is absolutely the "real deal"- what I love the most about working with her is that she doesn't just communicate with my animals but that she truly treasures their personalities, how they interact with each other and with the world.

It's always a joy for me and for my animal family when we get to work with Bridget.  Having that established relationship, they settle right into doing the work we need to do, and (most importantly) she values the uniqueness of each of them.

 We have a happy and healthy pet family and we don't hesitate to call on Bridget when we're having any challenges or questions.

-Amalia Cochran


My four-year-old Himalayan mix, Taj came in one morning, clearly ‘off.’

As I noticed a half-eaten rodent on the patio, I naturally assumed that he was feeling a bit of the ‘post-kill ill’ and did not pay much attention. However, when he returned later for his supper, he stumbled when jumping up on the back porch stairway, a misstep that anyone familiar with cats knows is an anomaly and a sign that something might be off.

An hour or so later, he clearly had difficulty walking downstairs; rather than lumbar down like a wild man, he took each step slowly and cautiously.

I contacted Bridget with a 911, she checked in with him, informed me that he was woozy and that his stomach was unsettled, and advised me to bring him in to the vet.

The net-net of this story is that Taj was in respiratory failure as we bolted through the doors of the emergency clinic and would not be here today if Bridget had not intervened. He had apparently licked road salt (placed down in droves in my state during winter) and his sodium levels were through the roof.

I will always be grateful to Bridget for saving his life.

— Liz Scherer


Bridget has fundamentally changed how I think about and relate to my horses. I started working with Bridget all the way back in 2008. I knew her from Twitter and really enjoyed her insights and work, so I reached to have her chat with my horse, Phil.

Phil was somewhat new to me at the time, and when he got here, he was acting weirdly spooky at times. Phil’s spooking was shaking me up a bit because I wasn't feeling so sticky in the saddle at that time.

At the time, she had us send like 7-8 questions ahead of the call. I'd gotten all of mine down, and couldn't think of anything else, so I asked the guy I was dating at the time what we should ask Phil. He said "ask him what he thinks about all day."

I thought that was a dumb question and told him so. I was like "he thinks about grass and eating, duh." But since I couldn't come up with anything else, his question made the list. And while yea, we talked about the spookiness, what stands out is the answer to my boyfriend's question.

Phil didn't say "grass" "food" or "friends"...He said "Engineering." And THEN Bridget followed it up with how the waterer in his field would stop working sometimes and the other horses were always asking Phil if he could fix it.

This blew my mind for a few reasons:

Bridget had never been to our farm, nor were there any pictures anywhere that would have let her know that we had auto-waterers in the field. So for a first-time consult, I was like "holy shit, this is legit because that's not common and there's NO WAY anyone could have known that unless Phil told them".

We'd noticed Phil over checking out that waterer (which indeed, to this day, gets a little sticky sometimes!) and banging on it and had been commenting on that JUST THAT WEEK.

I'd had horses and lived with horses my entire life. And as much as I loved them, it never occurred to me that they could think as complexly as "engineering" - even if the way a horse thinks about it might be different from how a human would. It opened up an entirely new realm of possibility with how I should be relating to them; or what was possible for ways to connect with them, what to expect from them, etc.

I'd love to say I stopped underestimating them after that, but that's not true. It's been a process (is still a process), but that was the start of an entirely different level of relationship with them and awareness of how complex they are, and how deep their intelligence really runs. It created a whole new level of respect and curiosity, and knowing Bridget over the years has pointed me down so many paths with energy and intuition, both related to our work with the horses and not, that... it's really hard to separate.

But, it's that conversation with Phil that started a lot of that.

And then later, chatting with Phil and my Mom's horse, Aroone, and the fun of seeing their senses of humor when they were telling Bridget jokes/puns about asses (a boarder and a mule) - part of the immense value over the years for me, is not necessarily the problem-solving, but the insights into their worlds, and getting to know their personalities on a level that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to appreciate, know, or see otherwise.

-Elyse Savaki


Bridget is a living angel. I adopted an abused dog with a vaguely written background. Bridget was able to communicate with my girl and gave me background information that really explained my dog’s issues.

Bridget spoke to my young dog to let her know that she would be staying with me forever. Roo told Bridget that she was relieved and felt safe.

I cannot thank Bridget enough for the immensely important gift of communication she gave us!

-Phyllis Hayes


I met Bridget in Twitter's early days, probably 2009, when my Weimaraner Gracie was about fifteen years old and having trouble sleeping at night.  

Bridget talked me through Gracie's last two years and offered guidance and support until Gracie died peacefully at home at the age of 17.

Over the years since Gracie's death, Bridget has worked with Max, another Weimaraner; Ruby, a Dogue de Bordeaux rescue; and Sadie and Jake, both American Bulldog rescues.

 In my human-and-dog pack, we have experienced illness and death; fights and separations:  hard, gray-area decisions. Bridget has been with us through it all. Today, Sadie and Jake are enjoying a full bulldog life!

Talking with Bridget is always nourishing; she tells the truth.  I trust her implicitly.

—Angela Kelsey


Bridget has worked with us a lot. Besides helping me and my pets through the passing of my dog Lucky, she worked with me when I had to let my beloved Misty go because of cancer at a very young age, as well as my 17 year old mini-schnauzer Jason (who let her know when he was ready to go). 

Bridget also helped me deal with some behavioral issues when Ludwig, an elderly blind dachshund, joined the family. Shiva, a tightly-wound border collie, attacked him several times, and Bridget helped me navigate the issues successfully.

I also connect with Bridget when there is a message I want to get out to everyone. For example, I've worked with her when I've had to travel for a week or more, so that she could help me let everyone know I'd be gone, that I would be coming back, and that their friend, Sheila would be staying with them. 

Finally, when I can swing it in my budget, I like to get with Bridget to just "check in for no reason" to see how everyone's doing!

Helping me with the passing of my beloved dogs was the best outcome I could have had with Bridget. It's always hard though inevitable and having her in my corner when the time comes is priceless.

My pre-travel and "just checking in" times have been really good. All the animals know her, and they share freely. Everyone is great!

-Patricia Lambert


I adopted Sequoia, ,my husky-lab mix from a shelter. She is a very sweet dog, but she had a difficult time when people would come to the door. Since I run a bed-and-breakfast, strangers are a fact of life. Sequoia would bark and then cower and shake. Over the months that I've had her, I thought that she'd settle in and feel better, but she didn't. I felt so sorry for her.

Bridget talked with Sequoia. She told Bridget about her life before us. She had witnessed some terrible child abuse, and felt very guilty that she hadn't been able to stop it. She thought that I wouldn't want her if I knew that she hadn't protected that child. She was worried that if I knew the truth, I wouldn't love her. Bridget told Sequoia that she wasn't responsible for what happened. She let Sequoia know that I didn't expect her to protect my children from people who come to the house, and that she was safe here with us. Bridget told Sequoia that she could look to me when someone came to the door, and that she could also trust her own heart about whether someone was a good person or not.

After Bridget talked with her, Sequoia came up to me, sat at my feet and yodeled. It seemed like she was trying to tell me something.

When Bridget came to visit us a few weeks later, Sequoia ran and greeted her at the door, her big tail wagging. Then she flopped on the floor for a good belly scratch

.Since their talk, the change in Sequoia is like night and day. She's a quiet girl, but she's happy now. You can see it in her eyes. She likes to play ball in the morning, and she's much more relaxed when people come to the door

.-Sally Harmon


During our session, Bridget tuned in to Grace's energy very easily. It was such a joy to have her translate for us. She passed along messages from Grace I hold in my heart still years later.

She told me things I "knew" but hadn't trusted. And I understood that I could trust that knowingness. It deepened my relationship with Grace, but also my connection with myself. It was so affirming.



Bridget has spoken to ALL of my animals over the past two plus years, which includes seven dogs, a Maine Coon cat, and two horses. She has been key in fixing behavioral issues (including hushing barking scottie dogs and potty training puppies).

She also helped my mare to cope with being moved to a new stable, where she is now the happy and healthy lead mare in a pasture of horses.

But what has impacted my life with my pets the most is how Bridget has helped when they have had health issues. Bridget aided my vet and me in navigating through my scottie dog's terminal bladder cancer so that we kept close tabs on his pain/quality of life level, and when it was time for him to say goodbye, she was there with us helping him cross over.

She was there when a new puppy failed to thrive and was diagnosed with a fatal liver shunt, and Bridget was key to helping me understand and accept the tragic death of my German Shepherd from a heart tumor.

It is so comforting that she can reach out to my pets even after they have passed. It helps with finding acceptance and peace as they are family members.

Bridget is compassionate and knowledgeable, and her talent is undeniable. As an extra bonus my fur kids adore her!

-PC Cast


Words cannot express how grateful I am. Bridget has talked with three of my horses, and with one of my mother’s horses. I’m amazed at how well she can capture the personality of each of our horses. She’s been able to talk in-depth with each of them.

I’ve owned my mare, Jasmine, for nearly 3 years. Jasmine is quite spooky, and has never been able to get over her fear of new things. We were getting to the point where she was having a hard time just walking around our property. Both Jasmine and I have been mourning the loss of her best friend, my mare Crystal. Bridget was able to help Jasmine with her grief. Jasmine’s anxiety is much lower, and she’s more relaxed.

It was wonderful to hear the thoughts and opinions of my horses. It’s made us much closer than we were before.

Tasha Vadnais


On February 7,2008, my beautiful dog Fletcher died. He was 13. He was my best friend. He was a dog who didn't realize he was a dog. Fletcher was convinced he was human. His personality and temperament were amazing, I was so blessed to have him in my life.

I belong to a horse rescue forum, where Bridget is also a member. I posted Fletcher’s picture, and Bridget immediately tuned into Fletcher. It was very hard for me to let Fletcher go. Bridget was able to tell me that Fletcher was still with me, staying by my side and helping me with my grief.

I asked her to have him tell me some signs that he was with me.She described Fletcher running through a snow-covered, rocky area with pine trees. This area that she described was one of my and Fletcher’s favorite places. She said that Fletcher was showing her the sun shining through a window. He used to sit on the couch and look out this window watching for us to return home. Bridget described Fletcher putting his paw on my forearm. That was one of his greatest qualities, when I first got him, it was just me and him. When I was having a sad day, he’d sit beside me, put his paw on my arm and his head on my shoulder. It was one of the things that I miss most, his ability to comfort me when I was sad.

The next day, I had a reading from a close friend who also is an animal communicator and has been doing it for many. many years, Bridget told me the same things she did and they are two countries apart, it helped to confirm to me what the other was telling me. I take great comfort in knowing that Fletcher is healthy and happy again and still by my side in spirit.

Thanks Bridget, you have no idea what your reading did to help me in my mourning




Just wanted to share with you quickly the changes in Pittore since your chat with him. He's nearly a different cat! He has become MUCH more affectionate and cuddly.

He's stopped getting onto the kitchen counters and into the garbage. He plays a bit more with the dogs. He chases their tails when they're feeling waggy! And no more toileting on the carpet, of course!

Thank you once again for your assistance. He seems so happy just knowing that I know and care.

-Sarah Tymeson