No More Words

Later that day, I walked by Beulah, who was laying regally on my couch.

Okay, I thought, Let me try this.

I reached out to her with my mind, and said, “Hey Beulah, How’s it going?”

She stared back at me. I heard nothing.

It was like whatever magic I had experienced was gone. What I didn’t know then is that it’s easiest to pet whisper with animals when the situation is emotionally charged. That’s why I had heard her earlier that morning.

Prior to that morning, I thought that you had to be someone really special, magical, mystical to talk with animals. The reality is that we all already do it to some extent, and that nearly anyone can get good at it, if they practice.

Beulah lived to be 13 years old. She learned to really love her life with us. She became a happy, bossy girl, in charge of dogs, cats, kids and also my shoes, which she carried around the house and hid in unexpected places.

That was the beginning of my journey.

Beulah’s boy  Ike Pilloud  and his cat,  Leo

Beulah’s boy Ike Pilloud and his cat, Leo

Beulah’s housemate,  Bo

Beulah’s housemate, Bo