Oliver-  the decider

Oliver- the decider

Roxy-  the earnest

Roxy- the earnest

So, animals do this? They talk to each other?


Do animals find it weird when you talk with them? 

Yes. some do. Some do not like it. Sometimes I have to make my energy small and let them inspect me, and make sure that I am trustworthy. But mostly, they’re used to intuition. They have much more awareness about intuition and use it more than we do.
I am careful to introduce myself and to be very clear about who sent me and why I’m there. .

Do you have to be in-person to talk with a pet?

No. I can talk with a pet from anywhere. I’ve got clients from Singapore to Seattle…From Washington D.C. to Wales to Finland. During sessions, I use phone and Skype to talk with owners.

If you live local to Portland or Tucson, I have in-person appointments available (depending on the time of year). In-person is useful for teaching and modeling how to work with a pet. It’s not necessary for talking with a pet and getting information.