Jasmine & Tasha

Words cannot express how grateful I am. Bridget has talked with three of my horses, and with one of my mother’s horses. I’m amazed at how well she can capture the personality of each of our horses. She’s been able to talk in-depth with each of them.

I’ve owned my mare, Jasmine, for nearly 3 years. Jasmine is quite spooky, and has never been able to get over her fear of new things. We were getting to the point where she was having a hard time just walking around our property. Both Jasmine and I have been mourning the loss of her best friend, my mare Crystal. Bridget was able to help Jasmine with her grief. Jasmine’s anxiety is much lower, and she’s more relaxed.

It was wonderful to hear the thoughts and opinions of my horses. It’s made us much closer than we were before.

-Tasha Vadnais

Jasmine  and Tasha

Jasmine and Tasha