Hobbes,  the tiny dragon and his   precious

Hobbes, the tiny dragon and his precious

Teila , who likes rabbits and being cozy

Teila, who likes rabbits and being cozy


Pet Whispering is the act of exchanging information with an animal through the sharing of energy.

I’m not a quantum physicist. So, I’m not going to pretend that I know the quantum physics that I think are behind Pet Whispering.

I have clients who say that they can feel me in the room with them, and clients that say that their cat or dog just stared at a chair or a place in the room, as if I was standing there.

To me, it’s more like I have a feeling in my body, a specific feeling of connection (you have felt this in your life, I am sure of this). I feel it in my heart, or my stomach or sometimes in my forehead. I pay attention to that feeling and reach out and talk.

Everyone intuitively talks with their pets. We pick up information all the time about how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking. Most people chalk this up to interpreting their pets’ body language, but there is something deeper going on.

Intuitive information can be received in 7 different ways:

Clair-audience: Hearing words

Clair-voyance: Seeing pictures, movies and symbols

Clair-empathy: Experiencing another’s feelings

Clair-cognizance: clear knowledge of a situation or history

Touch: experiencing physical sensations (pain, etc.)

Taste: experiencing what the animal tastes (not always a pleasant experience!)

Smell: experiencing what the animal smells

By combining this information and accurately conveying it to the owner, people and their pets can get along better in a more deeply resonant relationship.

Technically, how does it work?

I feel like when I talk about this, I’m barely scratching the surface. I’m talking in metaphors.

Here’s what I “think* is happening.

There is this spiritual stuff that, for lack of a better word, people call energy. It’s what makes a person alive. Energy is not limited by matter. It is not limited by death.

We give and receive energy from each other all of the time. Each animal and person has their own unique energetic frequency. It’s like a thumbprint. I tune into that frequency and give and receive energy.

I look at a picture of the pet, peering into their eyes, until I feel a feeling in my body. I feel a sense of recognition, and then I reach out and wait for an answer back.

If I am in front of an animal, I will look into their eyes for a moment, (or if they don’t like eye contact, I will wait for them to let me touch them) and just reach out.

Usually I feel their physical and emotional feelings first. And then it’s like being on the phone, except the phone has sounds and pictures and feelings.

I think this is a natural process. I think we all use our intuition all of the time and that science hasn’t caught up yet. I think that someday we will know.