I started talking with animals…

in 2001. At the time, I was not what you’d call an intuitive. I was a product manager for a software company. I had three kids, three dogs, two cats, a loving partner (who is now my husband) and a big fat Portland mortgage.

I don’t come from generations of mystics and seers. I’m not someone raised on tarot cards and vision quests. I was raised a Lutheran in Minnesota. Sure, I was a little creative and quirky, but nobody expected me to go woo.

Anyway, in 2002, we adopted a 9-year-old weimaraner named Beulah. She had been dropped off at the weimaraner rescue by her owner, a single guy who ditched her to marry a lady that hated dogs. I mean, who does this?

Beulah had a rough transition. She had only known one owner. She had never lived with dogs or cats or kids. She was a cranky, sensitive dog and she was ours.