Bridget Pilloud

Pet Whisperer. Pet Listener.

Sailing on  Dapple

Sailing on Dapple

Hi there. I’m Bridget. I live with my husband, Brian, and our two dogs, Nyna and Marvin.

Most of the year, we live in Southwest Washington state (a bit north of Portland). In the spring, we head down to Southeast Arizona (a bit south of Tucson).

When I’m not doing intuitive work with pets and people, Brian and I spend most of our time fixing up our 1960’s ranch. I like to do crafty things and I love to spend time with the four millennials and the one gen-z kid that grace my life.

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer, we sail our red boat, Dapple. She’s named after the donkey from Don Quixote (a sturdy, earnest creature).

I appreciate you being here with me.