Emergency Session Needed


First, I’m really sorry that you are going through an emergency with your pet. Emergencies are difficult times, and I am here to help.

I hold appointments back from my regular calendar to accommodate emergencies, which means that I can usually get you in my schedule within a few days, often earlier than that. It’s rare that I can do a same-day appointment, however.

Emergencies are limited to the following:

  1. Serious medical issue requiring input from your pet,

  2. Euthanization decisions,

  3. Severe/dangerous behavior requiring an immediate intervention,

  4. Time-sensitive adoption considerations.

  5. Pet is experiencing deeply-felt trauma or anxiety.

If your emergency is not one of these, you may still send an emergency request, but odds are very good that I will direct you back to the regular schedule. Jumping the queue is bad karma. Thanks for understanding.

Please Note: If your emergency is a serious medical issue requiring input from the pet, the first question I will ask you is “What is your vet telling you?” I am not a substitute for a vet and I shouldn’t ever be the first contact if a pet is sick or injured.

When you fill out this form, I get an immediate notification on my phone. I will respond within an hour or two, depending on time of day. I am not available to respond from 10 pm to 6 am, Pacific time.

After we schedule an appointment time, I will bill you via Paypal. I do not charge more for emergency sessions. My standard rate of $175 per 55-minute session applies.

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Please include the word "EMERGENCY" in your subject line. It's one more way to grab my attention.
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I prefer text or email, but I understand if you need a phone call.