Xena Warrior Princess , Trainer of Humans

Xena Warrior Princess, Trainer of Humans



Not all training techniques work best on all animals. I go one better than basic training, because I can specifically show you what’s going to work for your pet. I help you understand how your animal would best learn something.

Some animals need a sensitive approach with training broken down into tiny steps, and lots of quiet praise. Some treat training like a game and pick it up easily. Some animals love doing the right thing. Some need motivation. Some animals are trying to train you.

Some pets just have a difference of opinion about what they are doing and what you want them to do. They just need to be heard out about what they are trying to accomplish with their behavior.

I teach positive training techniques with non-abusive, consistent consequences. I also teach what not to do, because sometimes we think we’re helping, when really we’re training them to do something different than what we hope they will do.

If you’ve got a problem, chances are very good that I’ve encountered it with my clients, and I can teach you how to resolve it in your home.