I’m sorry. I don’t help people look for lost pets.

I used to be really good at it. I lost my cat,Bootsy, several years ago, and since then, I over-identify with the situation and get anxious about the outcome. It’s hard to be scared and intuitive at the same time.

Also, I find that when an owner uses an animal communicator to locate a pet, they tend to not do all of the very important activities that get their pet home (like putting up signs and checking shelters).

I never want to be the reason that a pet doesn’t get home.

The Humane Society has excellent advice for how to search for a pet. Also, I have seen so many pets find their way home through social media, so make sure you look on Facebook and Nextdoor. Many towns and neighborhoods have pages set up for this purpose.

Sometimes pets are found months and even years after they are lost. You never know. This is also a good time to check your pets’ microchips to make sure they are functional.

Bella , who was lost and, thankfully found.

Bella, who was lost and, thankfully found.