The Very Important Pet Program


Every pet is a very important pet. But, some of their humans want an experience with a lot of perks.

The Very Important Pet Program includes the following:

1, 2, or 3 private sessions with Bridget

Different types of sessions available, including animal communication with pets, learn-to-talk sessions for pet parents, hands-on training sessions for in-person clients.

Preferred client scheduling

On-the-fly 15-minute appointments available

Access to Bridget’s personal text number for immediate advice

VIP early-bird scheduling and pricing for Workshops

All paid content free

In-Person session fee waived

Discounted in-person travel rates for clients outside of the in-person ranges.

The VIP program is billed on a quarterly basis. Clients are responsible for scheduling their appointments, though an email reminder will go out every month. Sessions do not roll over..