Meet Bridget Pilloud


Hi there. I’m Bridget. I live with my husband, Brian, and our two dogs, Nyna and Marvin. When I’m not doing intuitive work with pets and people, Brian and I spend most of our time fixing up our 1960’s ranch. I also like to knit and bake and I love to spend time with my three kids and my two bonus kids!  

I am celebrating my eleventh year of working with people and their pets!

Working with animals for this long has changed my worldview. After talking with literally thousands of animals, I feel like life is both sacred and gritty. A dog can be a holy teacher who, at the same time, likes to find dead things to roll in.

Life happens in holy and earthy ways at the same time, all of the time, and we are here to love one another, and to enjoy the company of one another, and to solve problems and lessen the suffering of each other.

Animals are the best at showing us these lessons. I feel lucky to have a job where I am in direct contact with so many amazing pets and their people!